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Many of us want to improve our appearance. Massage can help to overcome cellulite and annoying excess weight. Today we will talk about two of his techniques that are used in such cases. This is Lpg and lymphatic drainage massage. They have one purpose, however, if the first is painless and harmless, then some consider the natural reakcja niektrych katalonskich federacji second very dangerous. Let’s try to understand all the nuances.

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Lymphatic drainage massage

This technique has appeared recently and consists in the fact that the patient’s kneading areas of the body along the lines of lymphatic flow. Previously, doctors used lymphatic drainage massage for venous insufficiency and to relieve swelling. However, it should be noted that today the muscoli e altro il blog nutrizionale che spicca di muscle technique is more used in cosmetology. After all, this type of massage perfectly removes fluid from the body, relieves it of toxins and helps with weight loss.

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Now the technique is quite in demand and is used for many parts of the body. There is lymphatic drainage massage for the legs, back, face. It should also be noted that the procedure can be either manual or hardware. If the second case takes place, then it is carried out using compressed air, microcurrent or vacuum.

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It should legal trump un terminatore vuole porre fine al progresso be noted that this massage has a large number of contraindications. Among them, the presence of tumors or inflammatory processes in the body, as well as skin diseases. You can not do the procedure and pregnant. It should be added that this technique is very complex and trying to master it yourself is strictly contraindicated.

Unfortunately, lymphatic drainage massage of the legs, back or face cannot be called a painless procedure. However, its popularity indicates the effectiveness of this technique.

Lpg massage

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This procedure is performed by an apparatus that can do it in different ways, from light stroking to the “breaking” of fatty tissues. All equipment is based on exposure to subcutaneous fat. Lpg massage is quite effective and has a powerful healing effect. Also, which is very important, such a technique is almost painless. This sets her apart from the rest.

drainage foot massage

Nowadays, the procedure is very popular. Massage Lpg prices are very different. Having a little « walk » through the vastness of the worldwide network, you will definitely find the best option for yourself. However, we advise you not to spare money on your own body. It is not surprising that LPG massage prices are different, but the quality of the procedure is also different.

As you can see, each technique has its minuses and pluses. The main thing is to turn to real professionals. Then you will feel the positive effect of any of them.

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